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Translucent pink vinyl, includes download. 2022

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Coriky – self-titled LP

Formed in Washington DC, 2015. Amy Farina (Warmers, The Evens) plays drums. Joe Lally (Fugazi) plays bass. Ian MacKaye (The Evens, Fugazi, Minor Threat etc) plays guitar. Warning! do not pass this off as a mere continuation of The Evens (not that that would be bad a thing); the addition of Joe Lally’s distinct basslines steers this much more in the direction of a follow-up album to Fugazi’s The Argument. Added to that is the great, and perhaps overlooked, album by the Warmers from 1996. End result is probably one of the most important full-lengths of 2020. Great socio-political lyrics, incredibly pertinent; and each song is expertly crafted, as you would expect from such experienced hands. An album to explore, and to inspire.

“God, I love New York,” Walter said. “There is something so profoundly wrong with Washington.”
“Plenty of things wrong here, too,” Katz said, sidestepping a high-speed mom-and-stroller combo.
“But at least this is an actual place. Washington’s all abstraction. It’s about access to power and nothing else…..”
“I will remind you that Bad Brains and Ian MacKaye came out of D.C.”

Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen

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