CAVE IN – “Heavy Pendulum” Double LP


Relapse Records

‘Blood Red’ vinyl, gatefold sleeve, includes 12″ booklet. 2022

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Cave In – “Heavy Pendulum” Double LP

The return of the Massachusetts metalcore pioneers, a Relapse Records debut, and ten years since their last recording. This isn’t an album that I ever expected to happen, but in the absence of the late Caleb Scofield, the bass position has been capably filled by Converge’s Nate Newton. Picking-up where 2011’s White Silence left-off – less of the milder rock stylings of their Jupiter and Antenna period, and a continuation instead of the return to the frantic heaviness of Until Your Heart Stops  – which must surely be the Cave In record that everyone still cherishes (wow, a record, that back in the day, like Jane Doe, just blew-up everything, ground zero style). This is an album that tastefully balances together all the previous Cave In traits that are to be celebrated (circa Hydra Head Records) – big tunes with big sounds. Hell, I’m even thinking Keelhaul for at least half this album (although, Mastodon might be a more accurate comparison. I just wanted to mention and remember Keelhaul). The packaging for this double LP is especially good.

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