ASILE – “Kichesippi Toxique” LP


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Asile – “Kichesippi Toxique” LP

The debut LP from Ottawa, Ontario’s Asile (Asylum in French), released in 2012. A great hardcore band, that during their tenure, (which was much of the last decade) were, I believe, unfairly overlooked. Drawing on the 80’s hardcore of Discharge, Doom, Avskum, and Anti-Cimex, but crucially, nowhere near as generic as those influences would imply. The fast-speed Motorhead-style drumming capably drops-in some killer Voivod-style twists and turns; and the frantic vocals (sung in the French language) are clear and precise, not the gutteral growl you might expect. With music, the recent past is often a page best turned and left alone until a much later date, but these Asile records won’t be around much longer, grab ’em now while you can, or you’ll searching future discogs, perhaps in vain…

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