BAUHAUS – “In The Flat Field” LP


4AD Records

Remastered, bronze vinyl. 2018

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Bauhaus – “In The Flat Field” LP

Northampton weirdos Bauhaus released their debut album on 4AD in 1980. Awarded the dubious honour of inadvertently conceiving the genre of goth. But amongst the posey art school pretensions and dark romanticism there was much more to these death rock pioneers: dynamic punk speed, glam showmanship, derranged experimentalism, and a rhythm section that confusingly were always on the cusp of breaking-out into some rocking dub reggae; topped by unique (and underrated?) guitarist Daniel Ash, inventively wrenching all sorts of weird, wonderful, and downright scary, electric noise from his six strings – I’d go as far to say one of the best musicians of his generation. And yeah, Peter Murphy, too – a cross between Withnail and David Bowie – they wouldn’t have been half as much fun without him (presenting Love And Rockets as my evidence, m’lud).

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