ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT – “American Paranoia” LP


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Includes poster. 2022

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Attitude Adjustment – “American Paranoia: Millennium Edition” LP

This classic mid 80s hardcore/crossover LP was originally pressed on Pushead’s label, Pusmort Records, back in 1986. All sixteen tracks have been restored and remastered (at 45rpm for the first time) by Beer City for 2022. Attitude Adjustment were a Northern Californian/S.F. political hardcore band (of the peace-punk variety) that embraced the emerging 80’s trend for playing insanely fast speeds while incorporating metal style guitar riffs. The end result, in American Paranoia, remains one of the finest examples of 80’s thrash ever put to vinyl. If such a thing as a holy trinity of 80’s crossover exists, I would say: Corrosion Of Conformity, D.R.I. and Attitude Adjustment. Includes the ‘original giant fold-out poster, previously only available with the first pressing’.

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