VERBAL ABUSE – “Just An American Band” LP


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Colour (?) vinyl, sealed and stickered. Remastered. 2020

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Verbal Abuse – “Just An American Band” LP

No fucking about, straight-up, this-is-the-real-deal, American hardcore to file alongside D.R.I., Negative Approach, Jerrys Kids and Agnostic Front. Fresh out of Texas and sluming-it in San Francisco, Just An American Band was their debut album (from 1984) and featured the classic Verbal Abuse lineup with founding member Nicki Sicki on vocals. “During this time period, the members of Verbal Abuse all kept their heads shaved. When they met drummer Gregg James, his head was already shaved, so the band immediately accepted him as the new drummer without any further auditions.” (Wikipedia)

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