RKL – “The Best Of” LP


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RKL – “The Best Of” LP

Rich Kids On LSD were a shit-hot second generation Californian hardcore band who dropped a hard-rocking crossover masterpiece in the late 80s in the form of Rock N Roll Nightmare. With a level of musical ability that was a cut above their peers, you can clearly hear the emerging talent in the earlier recordings that this Best Of release combines: the Keep Laughing LP of 1985, and the previous Beautiful Feeling 7″ (both released by the notorious Mystic label). Makes for a total of 23 songs.
“Outside the studio while waiting for the rest of his bandmates to arrive, Bomer had a skateboarding accident that looked to be a broken wrist. Doug Moody, owner and operator of Mystic Records, duct taped his wrist then taped the drumstick to his hand so he could complete the session…” – wikipedia

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