ENVY – “Last Wish, Live” Double LP


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Envy – “Last Wish, Live at Liquidroom Tokyo” Double LP

After the release of their new album The Fallen Crimson Envy played to a home crowd in Tokyo in February 2020 – from where this live recording is taken. Then, of course, COVID-19 arrived and the world of live music come to an indefinite halt. Anyone who has experienced Envy live knows what an amazing experience they are. With a sound that is clear and breathtakingly tight, this live recording surpases some of their mid-period studio albums (around the time of Insomniac Doze and those splits with Jesu and Thursday). As far as I can tell, most of the 10 tracks on this double-vinyl live set are culled from that new 2020 album, but there are some older tracks among them – I recognise at least one track from each of Aethists’s Cornea and A Dead Sinking Story, and (big whoop!) All The Footprints…
Anything released by Envy – one the finest proponents of post-hardcore ever – is to be loved and cherished, and this live ablum is no exception (and you get the bonus of reminding yourself what an actual crowd-cheer sounds like!). Sealed copy, I’m not sure which vinyl colour to expect.


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