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Envy – “Last Wish, Live at Liquidroom Tokyo” Double LP

After the release of their new album The Fallen Crimson Envy played to a home crowd in Tokyo in February 2020 – from where this live recording is taken. Then, of course, COVID-19 arrived and the world of live music come to an indefinite halt. Anyone who has experienced Envy live knows what an amazing sonic experience they are – I haven’t listened to The Fallen Crimson but its hard to imagine that it can possibly sound as clear and tight as this live recording. It certainly surpases some of the sound production of their mid-period studio albums (around the time of Insomniac Doze and those splits with Jesu and Thursday). As far as I can tell, most of the 10 tracks on this double-vinyl live set are culled from that new 2020 album, but there are some older tracks among them – I recognise at least one track from each of Aethists’s Cornea and A Dead Sinking Story, and (big whoop!) All The Footprints…
Anything released by Envy – one the finest proponents of post-hardcore ever – is to be loved and cherished, and this live ablum is no exception (and you get the bonus of reminding yourself what an actual crowd-cheer sounds like!). Sealed copy, I’m not sure which vinyl colour to expect.


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