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CONFLICT – “Standard Issue 82-87” LP


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Conflict – “The Ungovernable Force Standard Issue 82-87” LP

The politics of Crass combined with sonic attack of Discharge, and roughed-over on a Eastend council estate. Conflict were the real deal, sure enough, and circa 1985 they were pretty much the biggest punk band on the planet – which is a fact that is often overlooked in past years, not suprising really as Conflict were always a problematic band, often their own worst enemies. That aside, their 80’s period has plenty of rich musical pickings (an amazing drummer, and an amazing guitarist, too). This compilation was originally released in 1989 as an after-the-event cash-in by Mortarhate Records, and it’s a slightly scattered selection of tracks taken from random recordings, including the debut 7″ on Crass, plus the later ones on Mortarhate (The Serenade…, …Not Enough, Mighty And Superior etc.). But a great opportunity for first timers to explore a hugely significant DIY punk band of that battle-scarred decade. And I’ll begrudgingly admit, regardless of all the daft rhetoric, Mighty And Superior 7″ remains one of the most ferocious punk recordings ever.

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