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Humans The Size Of Microphones – “Human Crop Circles” LP

This is a recent release from 2016 of some old recordings made by a Dorset/Hampshire based band. Side one was originally released in 2002 as a CD demo (cunningly called A Demonstration). Side two is a later, previously unreleased recording from 2005  – which was intended for a split 12″ with Electric Wizard, but that idea was kicked into the tall grass at the time because the Wizard were considered too mainstream by the Humans. So what you have here is the sound of a farmer, a forester and a horticulturist from the West Country, trying to emulate the bands that they were listening to at the time, namely: From Ashes Rise, Envy, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Assfactor 4 and Drive Like Jehu etc. Only around 150 were pressed, so a potential collectors item…. in around 48 years time…

listen to Human Crop Circles at Super fi’s bandcamp

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