DIE KREUZEN – “October File” LP


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Die Kreuzen – “October File” LP

By the time Milwaukee’s Die Kreuzen released their second full-length, back in 1986, they had already progressed from the hardcore frenzy that was showcased in the debut EP and self titled LP, moving toward the more tempered alternative rock influence that continued throughout their eleven year career, (and all four of their albums are great in their individual way. No such thing as a bad Die Kreuzen record). October File is like the inbetween album: still essentially a hardcore record, with Dan Kubinski’s vocals mostly remaining in his signature psycho-screamer style, but overall, it has a less manic tempo, incorporating new musical technique and complexity instead. Switching between rockin’ and punkin’. Mellow, even, in places. And then dark, tense and creepy. Never boring.

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