DEVIATED INSTINCT – ” Rock ‘N’ Roll Conformity” LP


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Deviated Instinct¬† – ” Rock ‘N’ Roll Conformity” LP

In the late 80’s, children of the anarcho punk revolution had two choices: disappear into the oblivion of driving around the West Country searching for festivals and hard drugs in a converted ambulance, waiting for the techno to arrive; or, you could stick with the homebrew, continue to soap your stamps for a 50p zine, and embrace the heavy metal via thrice-dubbed tapes – which is exactly what the members of Deviated Instinct did.
True story: back in the day I lent my copy of their fist 7″ to an ungracious, pimply-faced, metal-youth. Many years later, suporting Electric Wizard, I thought about asking their frontman/guitarist for the return of my copy of Welcome To The Orgy, but, stoically, I rose above such pettiness, (even if, for the principle of it, I did still feel a little bit aggrieved), it wasn’t a very good record, afterall. The album of 1988, Rock ‘N’ Roll Conformity, was marginally better.

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