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Chubby And The Gang – “Speed Kills” LP

Could there be a better way to start the new year? Hardcore punkers ripping through a tried and tested formula of trad punk rock – Buzzcocks, Cock Sparrer, Wire etc. but fast fast fast! Like they wanna’ sound like Mott The Hoople, but they’ve mainlined too many caffienated energy drinks, and there just isn’t time. I recall the collective spin-out amongst the punk fraternity when New Bomb Turks dropped their debut album, and that is kind of what Speed Kills reminds me of  – inciting that same urge to tear off down the street, full pace, whooping like a loon, with your fists banging the air, jumping into every puddle you can find. From Blackpool oldies to the knifey kids of the urban wastelands, and everyone inbetween, you are all going to love this one.

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Speed Kills by Chubby and The Gang

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