FULL OF HELL – “Coagulated Bliss” LP


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Pink, brown, white mix vinyl (Deathwish Exclusive, 700 copies). 2024


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Full of Hell – “Coagulated Bliss” LP

Starting-out from the small town of Ocean City, Maryland, 15 years ago. Over five full-lengths, five collaborative full-lengths, and countless splits, EPs and singles, Full Of Hell have always maintained a forward looking evolution and sense of progression. Becoming more complicated and technical, without ever slowing down or losing their ferocity. And reducing reducing some of extreme metal’s harsh sticking points and inaccessibility. They’ve hardly become accessible, at least not in a  conventional sense – this will new album still has the power to literally put the fear of, well, hell, into your housemates, family and equally unfortunate neighbours. Coagulated Bliss sounds like Full of Hell, for sure, but it’s nothing quite like any Full of Hell record that’s come before it. Leaner, less sludgey and less down-tuned (like a hardcore punk style has snuck back in), but still heavy; and buried within are (proper) songs that are actually quite hummable. Recorded at Developing Nations in Baltimore by Kevin Bernstein.

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