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Deep Wound – Self-titled LP

Thousands of bands exploded out of the early 80’s wave of hardcore punk, and snuck in amongst them were some real stand-outs, the ones, emerging from their suburban basements, that were that were just that little bit extra special – Siege, Articles Of Faith, Die Kreuzen, Void, you know who I mean – and definitely Deep Wound. Testament to the fact is the legacy that they spawned: primarily Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh. The Outpatients too, of course.
A special band, for special people. Formed in Massachusetts in 1982, they released one self-titled 7″on Radiobeat Records in 1983, and contributed two songs to the compilation LP, Bands That Could Be God,  both of which complied on this 12″, along with the 12 songs from their earlier demo of 1982.

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