DILLINGER FOUR – “Midwestern Songs Of The Americas” LP


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Silver vinyl, includes download. 2016

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Dillinger Four – “Midwestern Songs Of The Americas” LP

Formed in 1994 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by ex members of Angerhouse, this was their impressive debut album. The 1990’s was awash with mediocre pop punk – you could spot the records a mile off, crap cartoon artwork knocked-up in twenty minutes by the band’s stoner mate, symptomatic of the disposable tunes concealed within – all the more reason, many, many years later, to ask Dillinger Four to stand-up and take a boisterous round of applause. Medals and a warm handshake to each member of D4. Total suburban pop-punk, but with superior hooks, as catchy as primetime Dickies; and with songs that were structured like 80s straight-edge hardcore anthems. All blasted-out top speed – chunky as fuck basslines – with a drunken belligerence and thinly concealed smart-guy wit. Still love ’em, and it’s great to have this album back in the distro.

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