ABUSE OF POWER – “What On Earth Can We Do” LP



Red and Milky clear vinyl, limited to 300, gatefold sleeve. 2019

What On Earth Can We Do by Abuse of Power

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Abuse Of Power – “What On Earth Can We Do” LP

A continuation of this label’s exploration into American hardcore influenced by the 1990s. Abuse of Power‘s debut full-length follows-up their previous 7″s, also on Triple B. And once again, I’m left thinking, damn, this is so fucking retro, and yet…. back in the day I don’t remember anything on New Age, or Conversion, or Indecision, (etc.) sounding anywhere near as good as this. Re-inventing the past and making it sound tonnes better? Sounds like a good plan to me. So, if an updated, refreshed and polished-up version of Mouthpiece, Turning Point or Outspoken appeals to you, and it certainly does to me, then, oh, happy days…

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