FALL OF EFRAFA – ” Inlé” Double LP


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Black vinyl (4th pressing), 700 copies, gatefold sleeve, includes insert. 2017

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Fall Of Efrafa – “Inlé” Double LP

A repress of the fourth and final album that was originally released in 2009. The conclusion of  “The Warren Of Snares” trilogy that was based upon an interpretation of Richard Adam’s “Watership Down”. Brighton’s Fall Of Effrafa were part of a South Coast scene that briefly blossomed into something very exciting back in those years (Attack Vipers, Serena Joy etc.). They took the crushing heaviness of Neurosis; the fighty aggression of Tragedy; the epic drama of Envy; melding it all together with the post rock atmospherics of Godspeed You Black Emperor. Turning them into something of a cult band almost instantly, and rightly so. Grab the repress while you still can, cults have a tendency to grow…

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