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BOLT THROWER – “Realm of Chaos” LP


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Bolt Thrower – “Realm of Chaos” LP

The second album for Coventry’s death metal crusties (and worshippers of Sacrilege). Their first after the shift from Vinyl Solution Records to a new, and more obvious base-camp at Earache Records (to be lined up between Unseen Terror and Carcass made total sense). Also beginning the band’s partnership with Games Workshop – at the time, a pretty weird alliance to make; looking back, punk-metalers owning an interest in the realms of nerd-hobbies… it makes total sense. For whatever reason this 2017 remastered version has a different title (only “Realm Of Chaos” and not “Realm Of Chaos: Slaves To Darkness”) and a different cover’s artwork than the original one released in the year 1989.

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