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BEASTIE BOYS – “Paul’s Boutique” LP


Capitol Records

180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve. 2018

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Beastie Boys – “Paul’s Boutique” LP

The second studio album released in 1989 by Capitol Records. I thought it would be right to carry at least one Beastie Boys LP – file under: here’s what hadcore punk kids can do when they broaden their sound and boost-up their ambition. I went for Paul’s Boutique because I think of it as the overlooked underdog. Check Your Head and Ill Communication are pretty mainstream records, known by just about everyone, hipsters and cats; squares and straights alike. Whereas, Paul’s Boutique on its release was the critically slammed commercial flop that failed to appease the fratboy, part-taay audience of Licensed to IllĀ  (and that period of time was pretty awful: touring with Madonna, white rich kids appropriating hip hop culture, trashing it with brash jouvenile humour and sexism. One hit wonders that you wanted to punch, at least twice). Now recognised as a classic hip hop album, with a billion samples, crammed with ideas, humour and plenty of self aware suss – Paul’s Boutique feels like the right horse to back. Afterall, I’m a huge Funkadelic fan.

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