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ANGEL DU$T – “Yak: A Collection of Truck Songs” LP


Roadrunner Records

Neon Green (180g) vinyl, gatefold sleeve. 2021

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Angel Du$t – “Yak: A Collection of Truck Songs” LP

There was a point in time when Baltimore’s Angel Du$t were neck and neck with their brother-band Turnstile, and over the course of the past few years it has felt like the latter of the bands have edged forward into the lead (they certainley recieve a bigger portion of media attention). I guess Angel Dust’s musical switch, around the time of 2019’s Pretty Buff album, towards are a (more) laid-back, pop-infused approach left a portion of their hardcore fanbase behind. Where earlier Angel Du$t albums felt like Trapped Under Ice merging with the rythmic intensity of early Bad Brains and the songwriting skills of the Lemonheads, they have now veared right over to the lighter side of hardcore-punk into indie-pop territory. Brave move. But what the hell, still an amazing band, with a great care-free attitude, and at the end of the day, far, far better than your average indie pop schlop (and Daniel Fang is outright best drummer of his generation, for sure, and he can do no wrong). Reminds me in places of Bloc Party… which I’m alright with.
Not sure what’s up with the eye-watering price tag, though…?

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