CHRONIC SUBMISSION – “Empty Heads Poison Darts” LP


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Black vinyl, includes insert (300 copies). 2018

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Chronic Submission – “Empty Heads Poison Darts” LP

From the golden age of Toronto Hardcore (which apparently was 1982-84) this relatively unknown band of young thrash-heads were early exponents of the hardcore-to-metal crossover style. But, at the time, they didn’t manage to reach-out far beyond their local scene and tape trading network, thus the obscurity (well, I had never heard of them). They did, however, achieve the honourable distinction of a glowing Tim Yo review from an 1984 edition of MRR (‚ÄúThis is a viciously intense and powerful tape”), and that demo has been rediscovered, dusted off, and pressed on a limited run of vinyl. Seems to me like the long overdue recognition of a pioneer thrash band to rank alongside SNFU, Crucifix, D.R.I. and Neon Christ.

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