FINAL CONFLICT – “1985 Demo” Tape Cassette


No Idols

Hand printed/numbered, includes inserts (300 copies). 2022

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Final Conflict – “1985 Demo” Tape Cassette

The demo by Southern California’s iconic peace punks, faithfully reproduced on tape cassette format and accompanied by all its original artwork and lyric sheet (albeit with an expanded packaging). A historic recording of fifteen tracks (many of which were re-recorded for their Ashes To Ashes album two years later), some tracks I hadn’t heard before, including a UK Subs cover. Although you may know these demo tracks from the expanded version of Ashes to Ashes, and as a stand-alone release by 540 Records in 2013, No Idols has repackaged and upgraded the tape, with a good quality of sound reproduction, in a hand-stamped manila envelope that also contains reproductions of flyers and the original lyric sheet. Hand-numbered out of 300 copies.

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