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Red vinyl (300 copies) includes booklet. 2012

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Disaster – “War Cry” LP

Variations on a theme: the classic era of Stoke On Trent. Except, the end result was close… but music genres can be more nuanced than we sometimes think, and really, on this Halifax band’s one and only release this is a straight forward dose of late 1980s protest punk that is direct, unpretentious, and mercifully free from the trappings and pitfalls of the progressive/metal notions that afflicted many of their older peers back in the day. Were they D-beat clones? Yes, to a certain extent. Why was taken more as an influence, rather than as a template to merely replicate, and they were also in possession of their own individual sound, one that was shared in spirit with a tonne of other fast, angry punk bands from the UK, throughout time.
A mini-LP originally released on Tone Deaf Records in 1991, this reissue comes with a 12 page 12″x12″ booklet containing pictures, photos of flyers, interviews and liner notes

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