FUNKADELIC – “Let’s Take It To The Stage” LP


Westbound Records

Gatefold sleeve.

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Funkadelic – “Let’s Take It To The Stage” LP

The seventh album by the American funk/soul/acid rock band, released in 1975 on Westbound Records. “…the guitar solo for “Get Off Your Ass and Jam” was performed by “a smack addict” guitar player who had found his way into the studio. He asked Clinton if he could play for some cash and proceeded to play “like he was possessed”, soloing over the entire duration of the song. He received $50 for his efforts without Clinton ever learning his name.” One of Funkadelic’s later albums, (before the disco influence had struck), it condences together many of the trademark qualities: insanely tight musicianship, cheap inappropriate smut, funky dance grooves, heavy riffs, and psychedelic-Sesame-Street-wildness.

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