HYPERDONTIA – “Nexus Of Teeth” LP


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Clear vinyl. 2019

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Hyperdontia – “Nexus Of Teeth” LP

Technically progressive death metal from KĂžbenhavn, Denmark. Reeking of putrifying gore and rancid filth – yeah, baby – with vocals mainlined direct from the gutterall underworld of Cthulhu’s guest room (with avocado green en suite). Their debut full-length, released by Dark Descent in the US in 2018 (and then on Me Saco Un Ojo Records for the UK in 2019). An album that has an array of impressive techniques, spiced-up by a broader range of influences (compared to old school death metal), making it far from predictable and cliched. Sits alongside Gatecreeper and Blood Incantation.

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