DISORDER – “Splitting Headaches Collection 1986-1994” LP


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Disorder – “Splitting Headaches Collection 1986-1994” LP

A collection of recordings from Bristol’s notorious noise-punk pioneers. The 1986 split LP, One Day Son All This Will Be Yourz, that they shared with Norway’s Kafka Process, is (by my reckoning) the high point of the band’s ‘career’ (or at least of the Taff years/post original line-up) – boasting a decent production, capable song-writing, some half decent musicianship (especially the hardcore-pace of the drumming), and some classic lyrics; not forgetting the amazing artwork of the fold-out sleeve, which unforunately is not featured here, but the front cover, with it’s instantly recognisable Disorder amateurism, thankfully is! Included on this collection, as well as their tracks from that split, are their tracks from their split with Dutch hardcore band Mushroom Attack (Masters Of The Glueniverse, released by Desperate Attempt in 1992); plus the More Noize EP from ’91 (essentially re-recordings of the tracks from the split LP) and Pain Headache Depression EP that was released by Polish label, Trująca Fala, in 1994.

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