SCALPLE – “Skillful Butchers” LP


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Black vinyl, with insert and poster. 2021

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Scalple – “Skillful Butchers” LP

A punk band from Brooklyn, New York with a previous album on Roachleg Records (2018’s World Gone Bad). Recently expanded to a five-piece, and according to Static Shock who have released Scalple’s second full-length, their sound has consequently changed direction, “moving toward the thrash-and-mosh dynamics of late 80s UK hardcore bands like Heresy, Ripcord, and Concrete Sox”. This rips pretty damn fast, and hard. You get a strong sense of how they have soaked up the frustration and grime of the streets of New York, and I’ve seen the movie Warriors, I know what I’m talking about. But also, from the motorbike rumble of the basslines, to the stupidly fast cardboard box drumming, this does indeed bring back a certain essence of the UK thrashers of 86-88 (Concrete Sox in the guitars especially). And the max-speed is definitely that of Heresy. You almost expect a “Genocide! Genocide!” at any given moment.

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