ELECTRO HIPPIES – “The Only Good Punk Is a Dead One” LP


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Electro Hippies – “The Only Good Punk Is a Dead One” LP

The Hippies blasted into the UK hardcore scene of the late 1980s with a lo-fi, super-speed ripper that was the split 12″ with Generic; followed-up a year later, with a new three-piece line-up, by a landmark John Peel session; and then finally 1988’s full-length album, the ironically entitled The Only Good Punk…
True story: One drunken squat gig, myself and the drummer of Kitchener, accompanied by the bassplayer/vocalist from this album, attempted an impromptu Electro Hippies set. Unfortunately, the only song we all knew was Sheep, which we had to play twice (I knew a couple of songs off the Generic split, but shockingly the Hippies’ bass player didn’t remember them). I know, amazing anecdote.


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