FU MANCHU – “Return to Earth 1991-1993” LP


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‘Deluxe Edition’ gatefold sleeve. 2021

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Fu Manchu – “Return to Earth 1991-1993” LP

The early recordings of the Southern Californian stoner-rock band, not long after the switch from playing B’last!/Black Flag style hardcore under the name Virulence (with an album on Alchemy Records), to becoming reinventors (alongside Kyuss and Monster Magnet) of classic, smoked-out, 70’s hard rock (Blue Cheer, Deep Purple, Stooges etc.). This compiles the second 7″, Senioritis (1992 Zuma Records), the Pick-Up Summer 7″ (1992 Elastic Records), and the Don’t Bother Knockin’ (If This Van’s Rockin) 7″ (1992 Elastic Records). This ‘Deluxe Edition’ also includes two newly discovered tracks that have never been heard before.

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