CHANGE – “Closer Still” LP


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White vinyl (460 copies). 2020

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Change – “Closer Still” LP

The debut album from Change, the Pacific Northwest straight-edge band made up of former members of Champion, Betrayed, The First Step, Union of Faith, Keep It Clear and Odd Man Out. 13 songs of urgent hardcore influenced by Youth Of Today, Uniform Choice, Insted, Sportswear, Turning Point, and Embrace. Released on LP through React! Records in North America and by Refuse Records in Europe. This is the US version, first press (?), on limited black vinyl.
“…the record flawlessly blends the storied past of this style of hardcore with something fresh and super exciting, a balancing act that puts Change┬áin the good company of bands like The First Step, Mindset, and Insist… It’s not an exaggeration to say that this record is already a strong contender for my favorite release of the year… ” (No Echo)

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