HIS HERO IS GONE – “15 Counts of Arson” LP


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Limited repress, 472 copies. 2018


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His Hero Is Gone – “15 Counts of Arson” LP

I recently found the promotional write-up sent by Prank Records from first time around, back in early 1997… “Ultra-tonnage immensity propelled by hardcore combustion. Churning volatile pieces of thrash colliding with metal in an expansively loud combination of distortion, feedback and noise. Hoarse bellowing shouts backed by caustic scowls firing lyrical oblivion. Destructo-core with everything amplified into the red. Taking elements of all hardcore styles past and present, from Swedish dis-core to East Coast straight edge and blasting them by so quickly and with such intensity that influences are hard to pin down. His Hero Is Gone themselves cite some of their influences as G-Anx, Chain Of Strength and Neurosis.”

Recorded after a three month tour in 1996 at Oakland’s Polymorph Studios. Following-up the previous year’s debut 7″. This is the first pressing of 15 Counts Of Arson since 2011, 472 copies pressed from the original plates.

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