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Blue translucent (150 copies). 2023

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Bent Blue / Sunstroke – Split 7″

Bent Blue are from San Diego, California, and their two tracks follow close to the heels of their 2022 EP Where Do Ripples Go? Theirs is a distinct style of melodic hardcore, that leans more towards passion rather than aggression (comparative to your average hard and heavy, modern hardcore band). They are in the tradition that weaves through Rites Of Spring, Lifetime, and Fiddlehead, but they have nailed their own individual version. One of their tracks is a cover of a One Last Wish song. Much the same applies to the two tracks  from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Sunstroke: a variation on the same theme of melodic/passionate hardcore, reminiscent of early records by Hot Water Music and Title Fight, but updated and made distinctly their own; following-up their previous releases, including the Bloom At Night from 2019, and Second Floor/Seven LP from 2018. One of their tracks is a cover of a Cranberries song. This is an essential split release.

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