ZOUO – “Agony Remains” LP


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Grey vinyl (2106 copies), includes insert. 2021

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Zouo – “Agony 憎悪 Remains” LP

A deluxe, remastered reissue featuring all of Zouo’s recorded studio output, including the landmark 7″ The Final Agony, originally released in 1984 on AA Records. You also get the two tracks from the Hardcore Unlawful Assembly compilation LP of 1984 (released as a 7″ by Crust War in 2011) and six live songs (plus three more, live in the studio).
Zouo’s debut, The Final Agony 7″, is an insanely sought-after record, a highly regarded classic of early Japanese hardcore, and, like a lot of the punk records that (secretly) came from this era/part of the world, it’s a 7″ that has a tendency to send folk of a certain age and record-collecting disposition into a frothing frenzy of vinyl acquisition.

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