PUBLIC ACID – “Deadly Struggle” LP


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Black vinyl, includes insert and poster. 2024

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Public Acid – “Deadly Struggle” LP

With the shockwaves of 2020’s album, Condemnation, still reverberating throughout the land, North Carolina’s Public Acid detonate another short-fuse device packed with phosphorous. On a self-destruct mission to reinvent and redesign the international hardcore thrash of the 1980s – BGK, Wretched, Crude SS, Gauze – roaring through eight blasts of dense, wild fury in around fifteen glorious minutes of time. Leave them wanting more ’tis the golden rule.
“There’s the virtuosic rhythm section, possessing an inhuman combination of lightness of touch and neanderthal power; the blinding, riffs-inside-of-riffs guitar style; the density of sound, massively heavy and pock-marked with kaleidoscopic fuzz; the maniacal vocals, inventive in both their technique and their rhythmic cadences; and, of course, the deadly mid-paced parts.”

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