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MINDFORCE – “Excalibur” LP


Triple B

Half and half solid green/clear purple vinyl, 4th press, includes 7″ flexi. 2020

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Mindforce – “Excalibur” LP and 7″ flexi

Fans of the Triple B label will know what to expect here: aggro-hardcore with a violent metallic edge. Mindforce have a slight retro feel (I think in part due to the dry, echoey snare hits, and the chuggy Snapcase/Leeway style guitar riffing), but this also sits comfortably alongside Incendiary, Trapped Under Ice and Judiciary etc. 2020 repress with a new sleeve colour, and includes a one-song flexi-disc of the track “Man of Peace,” which was recorded during the Excalibur sessions but not included on the earlier three pressings.

Excalibur by MINDFORCE

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