SEXPILL – “In Dust We Trust” LP


Beach Impediment Records

Black vinyl, includes insert. 2024

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Sexpill – “In Dust We Trust” LP

Overdriven to excess. Frantic noise-punk hardcore from Houston, Texas. A 12 track vinyl debut that recycles old demo tracks that very few people ever heard with a bunch of brand-new tracks that very few people will ever hear, because sadly, 99.9% of the world’s population are deaf to this kind of geney-us. I might be proved wrong, but, to be honest, on reflection, I’d rather we kept Sexpill to ourselves. Too good for sharing. If you stepped back in time and asked the young members of the Butthole Surfers to ditch the noise experimentation, listen to some G.I.S.M. and C.O.C. and then just bash-out extra noisy hardcore punk as fast as you possibly can – it may have sounded almost as good as SexPill. Just a theory.
Hey, Beach Impediment, what a choice find.

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