BIG BOYS – “No Matter How Long…” LP


Touch And Go Records

Purple vinyl (1000 copies). 2024

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Big Boys – “No Matter How Long The Line Is At The Cafeteria, Theres Always A Seat!” LP

As part of Touch And Go’s new series of reissues of the classic Austin, Texas skate-punk’s back-catalogue. The final album originally released in 1985. With the dubious honour of influencing Red Hot Chili Peppers (called in their early years “the Little Big Boys”). Notorious too for standing up against theĀ  homophobia of Bad Brains. The Big Boys were pioneers and innovators, inviting-in many influences outside of hardcore and skate-punk, spicing things up with funk, hip hop, and post-punk (what other band could successfully flow from Black Flag to Husker Du to Minutemen to Gang Of Four to Funkadelic to Africa Bombaataa, all within one record?!); including a horn section that at one point featured trombone player Tim Kopra who went on to become a genuine astronaut and commander of the International Space Station! Bonkers, but true.

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