WORLD I HATE – “Years Of Lead” LP


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Black vinyl (200 copies). 2023

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World I Hate – “Years Of Lead” LP

The debut full-length for this ultra-aggressive hardcore band from from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The band delivers on the promise of 2020’s 7″ EP, Collapse, and further hones their razor-sharp edge, blending blazing fast powerviolence tempos (think: Infest) with battering-ram, New York-hardcore stomps (think: Straight Ahead). I’m slightly disappointed that the sleeve art isn’t as good as the EP’s, but nonetheless, I dig the theme that they have used on the LP’s sleeve – it’s classic hardcore punk imagery.
“This is raw, unapologetic hardcore music that pushes boundaries and challenges the status quo! … Whether you’re a hardcore purist or a casual listener looking to expand your musical horizons, this is a band that deserves your attention.” – M.R.R.

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