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BERTHOLD CITY – “When Words Are Not Enough” LP


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‘Tri-Color Swirl’ vinyl (250 copies), gatefold sleeve. 2022

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Berthold City – “When Words Are Not Enough” LP

After a couple of 7″ EPs the Los Angeles, CA, straight-edge band finally drop their debut full-length – 12 tracks of hard-hitting sXe hardcore that might not offer-up anything groundbreakingly new, but does that even matter (no it doesn’t, not all the time), and this has the exact amount of rage, energy and GROUP SHOUT! anthems that this style of hardcore requires, by law (Dubar’s Law, that is). Membership ties come from plenty of Californian hardcore outfits, old and new (Strife, World Be Free, Abrasion), which further guarantees the high quality – both in performance and production. Faultlessly recorded and mixed at Jet To Mars Studio by Nick Jett (Terror), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, completed with cover art and design by Jeremy Dean; and featuring guest appearances from Jason Mazzola (Count Me Out) and John Eightclip (Allegiance). This is the limited tri-color swirl vinyl version, exclusive to Revelation Records.
I think it is expensive because they have been imported twice: from Germany to the US, and now here to the UK. The usual caveats apply: if you see it elsewhere at a cheaper price, don’t fuck about, nab it!

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