CANAL IRREAL – “Someone Else’s Dance” LP


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Black vinyl, includes booklet. 2024

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Canal Irreal  – “Someone Else’s Dance” LP

The second full-length by this Chicago band of long-serving scene veterans is a profound step up from the previous self-titled album released in 2021. It follows a similar formula of fast-paced post-punk, equal parts intense energy and hooky melodies, with the addition of in-house improvements in terms of production, song writing and musicianship. The same as before, only better. This is what a band sounds like when each member has an extensive punk/hardcore record that spans the decades along with a fanatic’s enthusiasm for giving them regular spins. Collections that will contain all the classic records of early Mid-west American hardcore, UK anarcho punk, early 80s post-punk etc. etc. I have no idea whether this is literally the case here, but I’m 97% certain that it is. And they will mostly be originals too. If you liked Canal Irreal’s debut LP I can be pretty confident that you will like this one even more.

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