ENGLISH DOGS – “Mad Punx & English Dogs” LP


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Black vinyl, includes fold-out poster and 12″ booklet. 2023

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English Dogs – “Mad Punx And English Dogs (plus 82 Demo)” LP

The recordings from the early years of Grantham’s finest: the six-track EP released on Clay Records (and recorded by Mike Stone) in 1983 titled Mad Punx & English Dogs, plus, for this Puke N Vomit US version, the explosive seven-track demo recorded during 1982. Before embarking upon their metal voyage into solos and DnD, the original line-up of the Dog’s were crankin’ out a well-judged mix of Discharge and Charged GBH (their label-mates, natch). The track “Psycho Killer” is a fuckin’ stormer, and with the impressive double-sided fold-out poster and full-colour 12×12 booklet, this first-time-American-press feels like the definitive opportunity to represent and capture its raucous glory.

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