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Chaos UK – Self-titled LP

The first-ever US vinyl pressing of this landmark UK-hardcore classic. The debut full-length that was originally released on Riot City Records in 1983 and followed on from the two EPs that were released in 1982. Bristol’s Chaos UK, along with bands like Discharge and Disorder, revolutionised international hardcore punk, inaugurating the philosophy of ‘noise, not music’ – this was UK82 blown-up to new levels of intensity and power. Has the raw punk tag ever sounded as good since? This has the look of the original, faithfully reproduced (heavier vinyl with a slightly darker blue sleeve), but funnily enough, minus a “Pay No More Than £3.99 (if that)” caption across the top… (“pay no less than £20 (or more)” hasn’t got the same vibe to it, has it?)

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