DISFEAR – “Everyday Slaughter” LP


La Familia / Havoc Records

Black vinyl, gatefold sleeve. 2023

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Disfear – “Everyday Slaughter” LP

Ear-crunching, arse-spanking, D-beat perfection. Or really, D-beat perfection plus more i.e. Swedish death metal and the style of 90’s crust shared with the likes of HHIG. The second album, originally released in 1997, and left to rest, dormant, like a beast from the Cthulhu Mythos, finally back on vinyl once again, to wreak havoc and unleash chaos upon the modern uncivilised world… with a full-colour gatefold sleeve.
“This is an undeniable, indisputable classic of the genre and it demands to be played loud. … Do yourself a favor and snag one for yourself before it goes back out of print again.” – M.R.R.

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