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DISFEAR – “A Brutal Sight of War” LP


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Includes lyric sheet and 180 gram vinyl. 2018

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Disfear – “A Brutal Sight of War” LP

You would never know it from their name, or the record’s title, or the sleeve’s artwork, but Disfear’s A Brutal Sight of War LP contains raw down-tuned D-beat influenced Swedish hardcore. Who’d have believed it? I don’t mind admiting, I get my Dis-bands hopelessly confused, but I could confidently hold this up as one of the finest examples of the genre. The sound is great, and, unbelievably for a recording this old (early 90s), the production is powerful and fresh as fuck. The third in Havoc Record’s series of re-issues of their old 12″s, and this one is considered Disfear’s best. Contains both their self-titled EP from 1992 and the all-time classic A Brutal Sight Of War EP from 1993.

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