These are all the available-to-order/temporarily-out-of-stock items. Click on the ones in red for further information.
The black ones haven’t been given a write-up/description yet, so you’ll have to get in touch if you want further details, such as prices.
Let me know if you want a copy of anything and I’ll order it in for you. Shipments usually arrive once a month. Sometimes longer.

(osmond.pete@googlemail.com / or call: 01297 678979)

7 Seconds – “Walk Together, Rock Together” LP 

7 Seconds – “New Wind” LP  

16 Guns – “On The Piss Again: Demos 1984/85” LP

108 – “Threefold Misery” LP

The A-Team – “Negative Space” 7″ 

Absolut – “2019 Demonstration” 7”

Abuse Of Power – “What On Earth Can We Do” LP

The Abused – “Loud And Clear” LP  Currently unavailable

The Accüsed – “The Return of Martha Splatterhead” LP Due back in Jan/Feb 2021

Acute – self-titled LP

Adolescents – “Brats In Battalions” LP

Adolescents – self-titled LP

Adolescents – “Welcome To Reality” 10″ (Frontier)

Against – “Welcome To The Aftermath” LP  currently unavailable

Agnostic Front – “The Godfathers Of Hardcore” Blu-Ray & 7″ (Bridge 9)

Agression – “Live At The Underground Railroad” 7″ currently unavailable

After – self-titled 7″

Agnostic Front – “I Remember” 7″

Alement – “Onward” 12″ EP

Alien Boys – “Night Danger” LP

Alien Nosejob – “HC45″ 7”  currently unavailable

Alone In A Crowd – self-titled 7″  currently unavailable

All Pigs Must Die – “Hostage Animal” LP

American Nightmare – “Year One” LP / CD (Bridge 9)

American War Machine – “Unholy War” LP

American War Machine – “Prey Drive” 7″ 

Angry Samoans – “Inside My Brain” 12″ EP

Annihilation Time – self-titled LP currently unavailable

Antagonize – “Slip Death” LP

Antidote – “Thou Shall Not Kill” 7”

Apocalypse Now – “4 track EP” 7″

Apostles / Anathema – “Fight Back” split LP (plus Negative Insight zine)

Arctic Flowers – “Straight To The Hunter” LP

Arctic Flowers – “Weaver” LP/CD

Artimus Pyle – “Fucked From Birth” LP Due back in Jan/Feb 2021

Armor – “Some Kind of War” 7″ Temporarily unavailable

Arms Race – “New Wave Of British Hardcore” LP

Arms Race – “Gotta Get Out” 7″

Asylum – “Modern Hysteria” LP

Attitude Adjustment – “American Paranoia & More” LP+DVD

Aus Rotten – “…And Now Back To Our Programming” LP currently unavailable

Bad Breeding – “Divide” 12″

Bad Breeding – “Abandonment” 12″ EP

Bad Religion – “Generator” LP

Bad Religion – “No Control” LP

Bad Religion – “Suffer” LP

Bad Religion – “Against The Grain” LP

Bad Religion – “Recipe For Hate” LP

Baroness – “First And Second” Double LP

Baroness – “Purple” LP (Abraxan Hymns)

Battalion Of Saints – “Second Coming” LP

Battery – “For The Rejected By The Rejected” LP blue vinyl (Rev)

BB And The Blips – “Shame Job” LP   Currently unavailable

Beach Rats – “Wasted Time” 7”  Currently unavailable

The Beast – “Power Metal” 12″ ep

Beowulf – self-titled LP

Berthold City – “What Time Takes” 7″

Beta Blockers – “Stiff Prescriptions” LP

Beta Boys – “Oh Wow!! Hard Rock Music!! I Love It!!” 7″

Beyond Pain – “Born To Die; Why Are We Waiting?” 12″ EP

Big Black – “Atomizer” LP

Big Black – “Headache” 12″ (Touch & Go)

Big Boys – “Wreck Collection” Double LP

Big Cheese – “Punishment Park” LP

Big Ups – “Before A Million Universes” LP

Bikini Kill – “New Radio” 7″

Bikini Kill – “The Singles” LP

Bikini Kill – “Revolution Girl Style Now” LP

Birds In Row – “We’ve Already Lost The World” LP  

Birds In Row – “Personal war” LP (Deathwish)

Black Flag – “Damaged” LP  currently unavailable

Blasphemy – “Fallen Angel of Doom…” LP (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

Blasphemy – “Victory (Son of the Damned)” double LP (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

Blasphemy – “Gods Of War” LP (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

Bleach Everything – “So We Gnaw” LP (Dark Operative)

Blind Justice – “No Matter The Cost” LP

Blitz- “Second Empire Justice” LP

Blitz – “Voice Of A Generation” LP

Blood Incantation – “Hidden History of the Human Race” LP  

Bob Tilton – “The Leading Hotels Of The World” LP

Bold – “The Search: 1985 – 1989” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Bonehunter – “Children of the Atom” LP

Bongzilla – “Gateway” LP (Relapse)

Bongzilla – “Stash” LP (Relapse)

Bongzilla – “Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes” LP (Relapse)

Bootlicker – “Who Do You Serve?” 7″  currently unavailable

Bootlicker – “6 Track EP” 7″  currently unavailable

Born Against/Universal Order Of Armageddon – split 7″

The Bouncing Souls – “Comet” LP (Chunksaah)

The Bouncing Souls “Maniacal Laughter” LP (Chunksaah)

Boy Sets Fire – “The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years” LP (Bridge 9)

Brainbombs – “Fucking Mess” LP (Armageddon)

Brainbombs – “Burning Hell” LP (Armageddon)

Brainbombs – “Singles Collection” Double LP (Armageddon)

Brainoil – s/t LP/CD (Tankcrimes)

Brainoil – “Singularity To Extinction” LP (Tankcrimes)

Brainoil – “Death of this Dry Season” CD (Tankcrimes)

Brain Tourniquet – self-titled 7″

Breakdown – “Runnin’ Scared” LP

Breakdown – “The ’87 Demo” LP

Broken Bones – “A Single Decade” LP (Havoc)

Broken Hearts Are Blue – “The Truth About Love” LP

Broken Prayer – “Misanthropocentric A.K.A. Droid’s Blood” LP (Sorry State)

Brotherhood – “Till Death…” LP (Southern Lord)

Bugg – self-titled LP

Burn – “Last Great Sea” 7″ (Rev)

Burn – “Do Or Die” LP (Deathwish)

Burn – “…From The Ashes” 7″ (Bridge 9)

Buried Dreams – “9 Reasons Not To Live” LP

Butcher – “Return To Nothingness” LP

Bystander – self titled 7”

Cap’n Jazz – “Analphabetapolothology” Double LP  currently unavailable

The Casket Lottery – “Choose Bronze” LP

Cause For Alarm – self-titled 7″  currently unavailable

Cemment Shoes – “Too” LP/ CD (Feel It)

Cénotaphe – “Empyree” LP

Cénotaphe – “Monte Verità” LP

Cénotaphe – “La Larve Exulte” LP (Nuclear War Now!)

Ceremony – “Rohnert Park” LP / CD (Bridge 9)

Ceremony – “Still Nothing Moves You” LP / CD(Bridge 9)

Ceremony – “Violence Violence” LP (Deathwish)

Ceremony – “Scared People” 7″ (Bridge 9)

Ceremony – “Covers” 12″ EP (Bridge 9)

Cesspool – “We Hide Among You” LP

Chain Cult – “Shallow Grave” LP

Chain Whip – self-titled 7″

Change – “Closer Still” LP

Charger – self-titled LP  

Chemical X – “EP 17″  7”

C.H.E.W. – “Feeding Frenzy” LP

C.H.E.W. – “In Due Time” 7″

Chokehold – “Content With Dying” LP (A389 Recordings)

Chokehold – “Prison of Hope” LP (A389 Recordings)

Chokehold – s/t LP (A389 Recordings)

Christ On Parade – Loud And Live LP

Christian Death – “Only Theatre Of Pain” LP

Christie Front Drive – self-titled  LP

Chrome Skulls – “The Metal Skull” 7”

Chronic Submission – “Empty Heads Poison Darts” LP (Schizophrenic Records)

Chubby And The Gang – “Speed Kills” LP  Temporarily unavailable

Churchburn – “None Shall Live… The Hymns Of Misery” LP/CD (Armageddon)

Churchburn – “The Awaiting Coffins” LP/CD (Armageddon)

City Of Caterpillar – “Driving Spain Up A Wall” LP 

City Of Caterpillar – s/t LP

Civ – “Set Your Goals” LP

Cliterati / Violation Wound – split LP (Tankcrimes)

Clierati – “Ugly Truths/Beautiful Lies” LP

Code Orange – “Forever” LP

Coke Bust – “Confined” LP

Cold Meat – “Hot And Flustered” LP

Cold Meat – “Pork Sword Fever” 7″

Colonial Wound – “Untitled” 12”

Color TV – s/t LP (Deranged)

Combust – “The Void” 12″ EP

Come To Grief – “Pray For The End” LP

Condition – “Actual Hell” LP 

Condition – “Subjugated Fate” 7″

Condor – “Singles 2017 to 2018” LP

Constant Mongrel – “Living In Excellence” LP

Converge – “Axe To Fall” LP

Converge – “Beautiful Ruin” 7″ EP

Converge – “All We Love We Leave Behind” Double LP

Converge – “No Heroes” LP

Coriky – self-titled LP / CD

Count Me Out – “Permanent” LP (Indecision)

The Cowboys – The Bottom of a Rotten Flower LP

The Cramps – “Bad Music For Bad People” LP

Crass – “Feeding Of The 5000” LP

Crass – “Christ The Album” Double LP Box Set

Crass – “Yes Sir, I Will” LP

Criminal Code – “Welcome To 2534” LP

Criminal Code – “No Device” LP

Crimpshrine – “The Sound Of A New World Being Born” LP (The Numero Group)

Crimpshrine – “Duct Tape Soup” LP (The Numero Group)

The Crimson Curse “Both Feet In The Grave” LP (Three One G)

Crisis – “Kollectiv” Double LP

Cronander – “Trapped” LP

Crossed Keys – “Saviors” LP

Crow  – “Last Chaos” LP  Repress due soon

Crown Court – “Capital Offence” LP (Kartorga Works)

Crucifix – self-titled 12″ EP

Crucifix – “Nineteen Eighty-Four” 7″

Cruelster – “Riot Boys” LP

Crusades – “This Is A Sickness And Sickness Will End” LP (Anxious And Angry)

Cuir – “Single Demo” LP

Cult Leader – “Lightless Walk” LP (Deathwish)

Cult Leader – “Nothing For Us Here” LP (Deathwish)

Culture Shock – “Reality Stop No. 44” LP

Cursed – “III: Architects Of Troubled Sleep” LP

D7Y – self-titled LP

D.I. – “Ancient Artifacts” LP (Nickel And Dime)

D.I. – “What Good IS Grief To A God” LP (Nickel And Dime)

D.R.I. – “Dirty Rotten EP” 7″  

D.R.I. – “Crossover” LP (Beer City)

D.R.I. – “Dealing With It” LP (Beer City)

D.S. 13 – “Killed By The Kids” LP (Havoc)

D.S.13 – “Umea Hardcore Forever Forever Umea Hardcore” double LP (Havoc)

Dag Nasty – “Cold Heart b/w Wanting Nothing” 7″  Currently unavailable

Dag Nasty – “Can I Say” LP

Dag Nasty – “Wig Out at Denko’s” LP

Dauþiflin – “Ofbeldi” LP (Iron Lung)

Dauþiflin – self-titled 7″

Dayglo Abortions – “Feed Us A Fetus” LP

Dead Ending – “DE III” 12″ EP (Bridge 9)

Dead Kennedys – “Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death” LP

Dead Kennedys – “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” LP

Dead Kennedys – “Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust, Inc.” LP

Dead Kennedys – “Bedtime For Democracy” LP

Dead Kennedys – “Frankenchrist” LP

Dead Of Night – self-titled 7″

Deadlock – self-titled 7″

Deadpressure – self-titled LP

Deafheaven – “Roads To Judah” LP

Deafheaven – “Sunbather” double LP

Death Before Dishonor – “Unfinished Business” LP (Bridge Nine)

Death Ridge Boys “Fooled Again b/w Situation” 7″ EP

Death Side – “Bet On The Possibility” LP

Deathhammer – “Chained To Hell” LP (Hells Headbangers)

Deathhammer – “Evil Power” LP (Hells Headbangers)

Decomp – self-titled 7″

Decomp / Gaasp – split 7″

Decomposed – “The Funeral Obsession” LP  Temporarily unavailable

Deep Wound – s/t LP

Defeater – “Travels” LP

Defeater – “Lost Ground” double 7″ 

Defeater – ‘Letters Home’  LP

Deletär – self-titled LP

Despise You / Coke Bust – split 7″

Devil Master – “Manifestations” LP (Relapse)

Diät – “Positive Disintegration” LP

Die Kreuzen – “Cows And Beer” 7″

Dillinger Escape Plan – “Irony Is A Dead Scene” LP (Epitaph)

Dillinger Four – “Midwestern Songs Of The Americas” LP

Dillinger Four – “Situationist Comedy” LP (Fat)

Dillinger Four – “Civil War” LP (Fat)

Disclose – “Nightmare Or Reality” LP

Disclose – “Tragedy” LP

Disfear – “A Brutal Sight of War” LP  

Disguise – “Bas Fada” 7″

Disorder – “Perdition” LP

The Dividing Line – “Turn My Back On The World” 7″

Doldrey – “Invocation Of Doom” LP (Iron Lung) 

Doom – “Police Bastard” 7”

Down To Nothing – “The Most” LP (Rev)

Down To Nothing – “Unbreakable” LP (Rev)

Downcast – s/t LP (Ebullition)

Downcast – s/t 7″ (Ebullition)

Drain – “California Cursed” LP

Drive Like Jehu – “Yank Crime” LP  

Drive Like Jehu – self-titled LP

Dropdead – “2020” LP  Hopefully due back in January 2021

Dropdead – “Demos 1991” LP  Due back in Jan/Feb 2021

Dropdead / Unholy Grave – split  7″

Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh – split  7″

Dropdead / Systematic Death – “Fighting For Life” split 7″

Dropdead / Ruidosa Inmundicia – split 7″

Drug Church – self-titled  7″

Drug Control “Clear Sight” 7″

Dying For It – “Born To Deny” 10″

Eel – “Night Parade of 100 Demons” LP 

Ekulu – “Half Alive” 7″

Elder – “Reflections of a Floating World” Double LP

Elder – “Dead Roots Stirring” Double LP

Elder – “Lore” Double LP  

Elliott – “U.S. Songs” LP/ CD

Embrace – self-titled LP 

End – “Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face” LP

Endorphins Lost – “Seclusions” LP

EU’s Arse / Impact – “Impact / Questa E’ La Loro Speculazione Di Morte!” split 7″  Temporarily unavailable

The Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon John Joseph – Book   Currently unavailable

Expander – “Endless Computer” LP

Extreme Noise Terror – s/t LP (Deep Six)

The Faction – “No Hidden Messages” LP

The Faction – “Yesterday Is Gone” 12″ EP

Faith – “Live at CBGBs December 26 1981” LP

Farside – “Keep My Soul Awake” 7″ (Crisis)

Fatal State – “Estado Fatal” LP

Feederz – “WWHD: What Would Hitler Do?” 7″

Ferocious X – “Svart Att Overleva” LP

Fetish – “World Eater” LP (Euro version on Skrammel)

Final Conflict (Minneapolis) – “In The Family” 7″ (Havoc)

Final Conflict – “Ashes to Ashes” LP

Fireburn – “Don’t Stop The Youth” 12″ EP  currently unavailable

Fireburn – “Shine/ The Contoller” 7″  currently unavailable

Fixation – “Marked EP” 7″

Fleshies – “Introducing The Fleshies” LP 

Flux Of Pink Indians – “Strive To Survive Causing The Least Suffering Possible”  Double LP

For Your Health / Shin Guard – “Death Of Spring” LP

Forced Order “Vanished Crusade” LP

Forced Order – “Retribution” 7″

Frail Hands – Self-titled LP

The Freeze – “Rabid Reaction” LP  

Fried Egg – “Back And Forth” 7″ (Beach Impediment)

Frodus – “And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea” LP  

From Ashes Rise – “Concrete And Steel Remastered Edition” LP

From Ashes Rise – “Silence Remastered Edition” LP

Fu Manchu – “California Crossing Demos” LP

Fu Manchu – “Gigantoid” LP (At The Dojo)

Fu Manchu – “Godzilla’s/Eatin’ Dust” LP (At The Dojo)

Fuck It… I Quit – “The War Ritual” LP

Fuck You Pay Me – “Public Disgrace” LP (Deep Six)

Fuck You Pay Me – “Dumbed Down” LP (Tankcrimes)

Fucked Up – “The Year of the Dragon” LP plus flexi

Fucked Up – “Hidden World” Double LP

Fugazi – “Red Medicine” LP

Fugazi – “Repeater” LP

Fugazi – “First Demo” LP

Fugazi – “In On The Kill Taker” LP

Fugazi – Self-titled 12″

Full Of Hell – “Rudiments Of Mutilation” LP

Funeral Leech – “Death Meditation” LP

Fury – “Paramount” LP

Fuse – “This Segregation Will End” LP

Gallows – “Chains” 7″ (Bridge 9)

Gallows – “Desolation Sounds” LP / CD (Bridge 9)

Gameface – “Every Last Tape” LP

Gang Green – “Skate To Hell / Alcohol” 7″

Gatecreeper – “Sweltering Madness b/w Mastery Of Power” 7″  Temporarily unavailable

Gatecreeper – “Sonoran Depravation” LP

Gazm – “Heavy Vibe Music” LP

Geld – “Perfect Texture” LP

Genogeist – self-titled LP

Ghost Spirit / Frail Hands – split LP

Ghoul / Ill Bill – split 7″(Tank Crimes)

Ghoul – “Dungeon Bastards” LP (gatefold)

Ghoul – “Transmission Zero” LP

Give – “Electric Flower Cult” LP

Give – “Sonic Bloom” LP (Rev)

Godcollider – self-titled LP

Golgothan Remains – “Perverse Offerings to the Void” LP

Good Riddance – “Thoughts And Prayers” LP

Goodtime Boys – “Rain” LP / CD (Bridge 9)

Goodtime Boys – “What’s Left To Let Go” LP / CD (Bridge 9)

Gorguts – “Obscura” Double LP

Gospel – “The Moon Is A Dead World” LP

Gouge Away – “Swallow b/w Sweat” 7″

Government Issue – self-titled LP

Government Issue – “Joyride” LP

Gray Matter – “Take It Back”-LP  Currently unavailable

Gray Matter – “Food For Thought” LP

Greet Death – “New Hell” LP  Currently unavailable

Grief – “Dismal” LP

Grief – “Depression” LP

Groinoids- “Lost” LP

H20 – “Don’t Forget Your Roots” LP (Bridge Nine)

H20 – “California” 7″ (Bridge Nine)

H20 – “D.C.” 7″ (Bridge Nine)

H20 – “New York City” 7″ (Bridge Nine)

Hammered Hulls – self-titled 7″

Hands Of God – “Blueprint For Self Destruction” 12″EP

Hank Wood And The Hammerheads – “Use Me”7”

Hank Wood And The Hammerheads – “Go Home” LP  

Hank Wood And The Hammerheads – self titled (2018)  LP  

Haram  – “Where Were You on 9/11” 7”

Harborlights – “Isolation Ritual” LP/CD (Deathwish)

Hard-Ons – “Dickcheese” LP

Hard To Swallow – self-titled LP

Have Heart – “Songs To Scream At The Sun” LP  currently unavailable

Have Heart – “The Things We Carry” LP  currently unavailable

Headcount – s/t 7″ (Safe Inside)

Headsplitters – self-titled LP

Heavy Discipline – self-titled 7″  currently unavailable

Hesitation Wound – “Awake For Everything” LP / CD (6131 Records)

Hesitation Wounds – self-titled 7″

High On Fire – “Electric Messiah” LP 

Higher Power – “Soul Structure” LP (Flatspot)

Hive – “Most Vicious Animal” LP 

Hoover – “The Lurid Traversal Of Route 7” LP

Humant Blod – “Flykten Fran Verkligheten” 7″

Hüsker Dü – “Metal Circus” 12″ EP  currently unavailable

Hüsker Dü – “Flip Your Wig” LP  currently unavailable

Hüsker Dü – “Zen Arcade” Double LP  currently unavailable

Hüsker Dü – “New Day Rising” LP  currently unavailable

Iconoclast – “Domination Or Destruction” LP

Ignite – “Past Our Means” 12″

Ignite – “Call On My Brothers” LP

Ill Repute – “Halloween Live” Double 7″

Ill Repute – “The 1982 Demos” LP

Illusion – “Magic With A Smile” 7″

Impalers – “Celler Dweller” LP

Incendiary – “Thousand Mile Stare” LP  currently unavailable

Incendiary – “Cost Of Living” LP  currently unavailable

Incendiary / Xibalba – Split 7″ currently unavailable

Indecision – “Most Precious Blood” LP  currently unavailable

Indian Summer – “Giving Birth To Thunder” LP

Inepsy – “Lost Tracks” LP

Inferno – “Tod & Wahnsinn” LP

Inmates – “Government Crimes” 7”

Inside Out – “No Spiritual Surrender” 7″  currently unavailable

Insight – “Reflection” LP

Institution – “Domen Ar Satt” LP (Havoc)

Integrity / Bleach Everything – “SDK x RFTCC” Split LP

Intensive Care – “Everything Has Its Price” 7″

Inter Arma “Sulphur English” Double LP (Relapse)

Internal Rot / Mellow Harsher – split 7″

Internal Rot – “Mental Hygiene” LP

Internal Rot – “Grieving Birth” LP

Into Another – s/t LP / CD (Revelation)

Iron Chic – “The Constant One” LP

Iron Chic – “Not Like This” LP

Iron Chic / Toys That Kill – split LP

Iron Chic – “Spooky Action” 7″ (Bridge Nine)

Iron Lung – “Life. Iron Lung. Death.” LP

Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper – split LP

Iron Reagan – “Dark Days head” LP currently unavailable

Iron Reagan – “Crossover Ministry” LP (Relapse)

Iron Reagan – “Spoiled Identity” LP (A389 Recordings)

Iron Reagan – “Worse Than Dead” LP (A389 Recordings)

ISS – “Alles 3rd Gut” LP

ISS – s/t 7”

J. Robbins – “Un-Becoming” LP (Dischord)

Jawbox – “Novelty” LP

Jawbreaker – “24 Hour Revenge Therapy” LP

Jawbreaker  – “Dear You” LP

Jawbreaker – “Bivouac” LP 

Jawbreaker – “Etc” LP 

Jawbreaker  – “Unfun: 20th Anniversary Edition” LP

Jeromes Dream – self-titled LP

Jerry’s Kids – “Kill Kill Kill” LP

Jesus Piece – “Only Self” LP

Joyce Manor – “S/T” LP  

Kaaos – “Nukke-EP” 7″

Jesus Lizard – “Goat” LP

Judge “What It Meant: The Complete Discography” Double LP

Judge – “Bringin’ It Down” LP

Judiciary – “Surface Noise” LP

Kaaos – “Ristiinnaulittu” LP

Kaleidoscope – “After The Futures…” LP

Kasshuve – “Grisablod” 7″

Katastrof – s/t 7″ (Beach Impediment)

Kid Dynamite – s/t repress LP (Epitaph)

King Nine – “Death Rattle” LP 

Kingpin – s/t 7″ (Atomic Action)

Kohti Tuhoa – “Ihmisen Kasvot” LP

Korrosive – “Observations From The West” LP

Krimewatch – self-titled LP

L.O.T.I.O.N./Scumputer – split LP

L.O.T.I.O.N. – “World Wide W.E.B.” LP 

La Dispute – “Wildlife” double LP / CD (No Sleep)

La Dispute – “Somewhere at the Bottom of the River…” LP (No Sleep)

LACE – “Human Condition” LP

Lack of Interest – “Trapped Inside” LP (Deep Six)

Larma – self-titled LP

Last Rights  – “Chunks” 7″

Lebenden Toten – “Mind Parasites” LP  Currently unavailable

Lebenden Toten – “Near Dark” CD

Lemuria – “Pebble” LP / CD (Bridge 9)

Lemuria – “The Distance Is So Big” LP / CD (Bridge 9)

Life – “Ossification Of Coral” LP

Life Force – “Hope And Defiance” LP

Lifetime – “Jersey’s Best Dancers” LP 

Lifetime – “Hello Bastards” LP

Loma Prieta – “I.V.” LP

Loma Prieta – “Self Portrait” LP

Loose Nukes – “Behind The Screen” 7″   currently unavailable

Los Crudos – “Doble LP Discografía” LP

Los Huaycos “Savage Monstrosities” LP

Loud Night – “Mindnumbing Pleasure” LP

Lumpy And The Dumpers – “Those Pickled Fuckers” LP

Lungfish – “Sound In Time” LP

Lungfish – “Talking Songs For Walking” LP

Lungfish – “Rainbows From Atoms” LP

Magic Circle – “Departed Souls” LP

Magic Circle – “Journey Blind” LP

Majority Rule – “Interviews With David Frost” LP 

Malcria – “El Reino De Lo Falso” LP

Malleus – “Storm Of Witchcraft” LP

Maniac – “War & Insanity” LP

The Marked Men – “Fix My Brain” LP

Martyrdöd  – “Hexhammaren” LP

Martyrdöd – “In Extremis” LP

Mass Arrest – “Power” LP

Mastermind – “Bad Reaction” 7″

Maximum Penalty – “Demo 89” LP

M.D.C. / The Restarts – “Mobocracy” split LP

Melvins – “Ozma” LP

Menace – “I Need Nothing” 7″

Mentira – “Toda Tu Vida Es Una Mentira” 7″

The Messthetics – “s/t” LP (Dischord)

Micro Edge – ‘83 Demo LP  currently unavailable

Midnight – “Complete And Total… ” double LP (Hells Headbangers)

Midnight – “No Mercy For Mayhem ” LP (Hells Headbangers)

Midnight – “Satanic Royalty” LP (Hells Headbangers)

Midnight – “Sweet Death And Ecstasy” LP (Hells Headbangers)

Minor Threat – self-titled  12″ EP

Minor Threat “Out Of Step” 12″ EP

Minutemen – “Double Nickels on the Dime” Double LP  currently unavailable

Misfits – “Legacy Of Brutality” LP

Misfits – “Static Age” LP

Misfits – “Die Die My Darling” 12″ EP

Misfits – “Collection I” LP (Plan 9)

Misfits – “Collection II” LP (Caroline)

Misfits – “Evilive” LP (Plan 9)

Mission Of Burma – “Peking Spring” LP

Mission Of Burma – “Forget” LP

Moderat Likvidation – “Nitad” 7″ (Havoc)

Modern Life Is War – “Tribulation Worksongs Vol. 1″ 7”

Modern Life Is War – “Witness Reissue” LP

Modern Life Is War – “Fever Hunting” LP/CD (Deathwish)

Moment Of Fear – “Covid Sessions 2020″ 7”

Moment Maniacs – “Two Fuckin’ Pieces… ” LP

Morne – “Untold Wait” LP (Feral Ward)

Morning Again “Survival Instinct” 7″

Morning Again – “As Tradition Dies Slowly” LP (Rev)

Mothercountry Motherfuckers – “Confidential Human” LP

Movielife – “This Time Next Year” (Rev)

Moving Targets – “Burning In Water” LP

Moving Targets – “Less Than Gravity” 7″

Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust – “Toxic Waste” split LP

Murderer – “I Did It All For You” LP  currently unavailable

Muro – “Ataque Hardcore Punk” LP   currently unavailable

Mutant Scum – self-titled LP

Mutilated Tongue – “Fuel The Flame” LP

Nails – “Unsilent Death” LP/CD

Nails – “Abandon All Life” LP/CD (Southern Lord)

Naked Raygun – “Basement Screams” LP  currently unavailable

Naked Raygun – “Throb Throb” LP  currently unavailable

Naked Raygun – “All Rise” LP (Haunted Town) currently unavailable

Naked Raygun – “Jettison” LP (Haunted Town) currently unavailable

Naked Raygun – “Understand?” LP (Haunted Town) currently unavailable

Nasa Space Universe – “70 AD” LP

Nasti – “Big Achievements” LP

Neanderthal – “A History of Violence” LP  currently unavailable

Necrot – “The Labyrinth” LP

Necrot – “Blood Offerings” LP

Necrot – “Mortal” LP

Negative Approach – “Friends Of No One” 7″ (Taang)

Negative Approach – “Tied Down” LP

Negative Approach – “Nothing Will Stand In Our Way” LP 

Negative FX – self-titled LP

Neuroot – “Right is Might” LP (Havoc)

Neurosis – “The Word As Law” LP

Neurosis – “Pain Of Mind” LP

Night Birds – “Roll Credits” 12″ep

Night Birds – “Fresh Kills Vol 1” LP 

Night Birds – “Mutiny At Muscle Beach” LP (Fat)

Nightfell – “A Sanity Deranged” LP

NOFX – “Surfer” 7″

NOFX – “Fuck The Kids” 7″

NOFX – “Maximum Rocknroll” LP (Mystic)

NOFX – “PMRC” 7″ (Fat)

NOFX – self-titled 10″ (Fat)

NOFX – “The Decline” 12″ (Fat)

NOFX – “Longest Line” LP (Fat)

No Statik – “Mysterious To Ourselves” LP

No Statik – “What Did You Give Away When You Gave In?” 7″

No Statik – “Unity And Fragmentation” LP (Iron Lung)

No Statik – “Everywhere” LP (Prank)

No Statik – “We All Die In The End” LP (Prank)

No Problem – “Already Dead” LP

No Problem – “Let God Sort ‘Em Out” LP

No Trend – “You Deserve Your Life” LP

No Use For A Name – “The Daily Grind” LP (Fat)

No Use For A Name – “More Betterness!” LP (Fat)

Noisem – “Agony Defined” LP (A389 Records)

Noisem – “Consumed” 7″ (A389 Records)

Nomeansno – “The Worldhood Of The World (As Such)” Double LP

Nomeansno – “The Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie” Double LP

Nothing – “Downward Years To Come” (A389)

Nothing – “The Great Dismal” LP

Nukkehammer – “A Distant Hissing In Your Ear” 7″

Oathbreaker – “Eros|Anteros” LP

Oathbreaker – “Mælstrøm” LP

Oathbreaker – “Rheia” Double LP

Oi Polloi – “Saorsa” LP (Ruin Nation)

One Last Wish – “1986” LP

Operation Ivy – “Energy” LP  

Operation Ivy – “Hectic” 12″ep

Orchid – “Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!” 10″  Currently unavailable

PG. 99/Majority Rule – split LP (document #12)

Paranoid – “Heavy Mental Fuck Up!” LP

Patsy – “LA Women” LP

Petite – “II” 7″

PlasticHeads – “Nowhere To Run” LP  Currently unavailable

Poison Girls – “Hex” LP

Poison Girls – “Chappaquiddick Bridge” LP plus one-sided 7″

Poison Idea – “Pig’s Last Stand” Double LP+DVD

Poison Idea – “Pick Your King” LP

Poison Idea – “Kings Of Punk” Double LP

Poison Idea – “Feel The Darkness” Double LP

Poison Idea – “Latest Will And Testament” LP

Polyphia – “New Levels New Devils” LP/CD (Equal Vision)

Portrayal Of Guilt – self-titled  7”

Power Trip  – “Nightmare Logic” LP

Power Trip  – “Opening Fire: 2008 – 2014” LP  Currently unavailable

Power Trip “Manifest Decimation” LP (Southern Lord)

Primal Rite – “Dirge of Escapism” LP 

Primal Rite – “Sensory Link To Pain” 7″ 

P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. – Doomtown Shakes LP

The Proletariat – “The Murder Of Alton Sterling / Push Back” 7″

Propagandhi – “Potemkin City Limits” LP 

Propagandhi – “How To Clean Everything : 20th Anniversary” LP

Protocol – “Bloodsport” LP

The Psychos – “One Voice” LP

Pummel – “Our Power” 7″

Punch – “They Don’t Have To Believe” LP

Rain Like The Sound Of Trains – “Singles” LP (Atomic Action!)

Rancid – “Radio Radio Radio” 7″

Rashōmon – “Pathogen X” LP

The Rats – “In A Desperate Red ” LP

Raw Power – “83 Demo” LP

Reagan Youth – “Volume 1” LP

Redbait – “Cages” 7″

Red Death – “Formidable Darkness” LP

Red Dons – “Genocide” 7″ (Man In Decline)

Red Hare – “Little Acts Of Destruction” LP

Regional Justice Center – “World Of Inconvenience” LP

Repulsion – “Horrified” LP  

The Restarts – “Uprising” LP

Rigorous Institution – “The Coming of the Terror” 7″

Rigorous Institution – “Penitent” 7″

Riistetyt – “Tuomiopaiva” 7″ (Havoc)

Ripcord – “Harvest Hardcore” 7”

Rites Of Spring – “End On End” LP

Rival Mob, The – “Mob Justice”LP (Rev)

RKL – “The Best Of” LP

Rollins Band – “Life Time” LP

Rorschach – “Remain Sedate / Protestant” Double LP

Rotting Out – “The Wrong Way” LP

Ruin It! – “Locked Up Dead” LP

Rule Them All – “An Alignment Of Polarity” 12″

Sabertooth Zombie – “Midnight Venom” LP

Sacrilege – “It’s Time To Face The Reaper. The Demos 84-86” Double LP

Sacrilege – “Ambulance Station Squat, London, 1985 & The First & Second Demos” LP

Sadie & The Wives – self-titled 7″

Saetia – “Collected” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Safe And Sound – “Only In Death” LP (New Age)

Scholastic Deth – “Bookstore Core, 2000-2002” LP

Scream – “This Side Up” LP

Scream – “Still Screaming” LP

Search – “Between The Lines” 7″ 

Sect Mark – “Worship” LP

SeeYouSpaceCowboy – “Songs For The Firing Squad” LP

Seized Up – “Brace Yourself” LP

Self Defense Family – “Have You Considered Punk Music” LP

Self Defense Family – “Superior” 12″ EP

Self Defense Family – “Performative Guilt” 12″ ep

Sense Field – “Killed For Less” LP

Sensefield – s/t LP (Rev)

Sensefield – “Building” LP (Rev)

Sex Prisoner / Harm Done – split LP (Deep Six)

Sex Prisoner – “Tannhauser Gate” LP

Shades Apart – “Save It” LP (Rev)

Shark Attack “Discography” LP (Six Feet Under)

Sheer Mag – “Compilation” LP

Sheer Terror – “Standing Up For Falling Down” LP (Reaper)

Sheer Terror – “Spite” 7″

Shelter – “Attaining the Supreme” LP (Equal Vision)

Shelter – “Quest For Certainty” LP

Shiners Club – “Can’t Have Nice Things” LP (Incedision)

Shit Coffins – “Termination” LP

Shook Ones – “Body Feel” LP (Rev)

Shrinkwrap Killers – “Stolen Electronics To Shove Up Your Ass” 7″

Sick Of It All – self-titled 7″

Sick Of It All – “Call To Arms” LP

Sick Of It All – “Wake The Sleeping Dragon!” LP

Side By Side – “You’re Only Young Once…” LP

Siege – “Drop Dead” LP  Currently unavailable

Skullshitter / Bleeding Out – split LP

Slant – “Vain Attempt” 7″

Slapshot – “Back On The Map” LP

Slapshot – “Step On It” LP

Slint – “Spiderland” (Remastered) LP & DVD

Slint – “Tweez” LP

Slow Mass – “Treasure Pains” Deluxe Edition LP

The Smarthearts – “On the Line” LP

Snapcase – “Steps” 7″

SNFU – “…And No One Else Wanted To Play” LP

SNFU – “If You Swear, You’ll Catch No Fish” LP (BYO)

Sniper Culture – “Combat Rock” 7”

S.O.A. – “First Demo” 7″

Some Girls – “All My Friends Are Going Death” LP (Three One G)

Sonic Youth – “Daydream Nation” Double LP

Sotatila – “Vituiks Meni” 7″ (Havoc)

Soulside – “Trigger & Bass/103” LP  Currently unavailable

Spazz – “Live At KZSU 1999” LP (Tank Crimes)

Spazz – “Dwarf Jester Rising” LP

Spazz – “Crush Kill Destroy” LP

Spazz – “La Revancha” LP

Spiral Heads – self-titled 7″

Spirits – “Unrest” LP

Spiritual Cramp – “Television” LP (Deranged)

Spy – “Service Weapon” 7″

SSD – “How We Rock” LP

State – “No Illusions” 7″

Stray Bullet – self-titled EP 7″

Strike Anywhere – “In Defiance Of Empty Times” LP / CD (Bridge 9)

Strike Anywhere – “Iron Front” LP / CD (Bridge 9)

Strike Anywhere – “Nightmares of the West” LP (Pure Noise)

Subhumans – “Internal Riot” LP  

Subhumans – “The Day The Country Died” Puzzle  D

Subversive Rite – “Songs for the End Times” LP

Sunn O))) – “Pyroclasts” LP

Sunny Day Real Estate – “The Rising Tide” Double LP

Sunny Day Real Estate – “LP2” Double LP (Sub Pop)

Sunshine Ward – “Nuclear Ambitions” LP

Sunstroke – “Bloom At Night” 12″ EP

Sunstroke – “Second Floor / Seven” LP

Superchunk – “Foolish” LP

Superchunk – “Here’s Where The Strings Come In” LP

Superchunk – “Tossing Seeds” LP

Super Unison – “Auto” LP (Deathwish)

Sweeping Promises – “Hunger for A Way Out” LP

Swing Kids – “Situation On Mars” 7″

Swing Kids – “Discography” CD

T.S.O.L. – “Dance With Me” LP

Talk Is Poison – “Condensed Humanity: The Prank EPs” LP

Tarantula – “Weird Tales Of Radiation And Hate” 7″  

Terror – “One With The Underdogs” LP

This Will Destroy You – “Young Mountain” LP

This Will Destroy You – self-titled  (10th Anniversary Edition) Double LP with bonus 7″

This Will Destroy You – “New Others Part One” LP (Dark Operative)

This Will Destroy You – “New Others Part Two” LP (Dark Operative)

Tomb Mold – “Planetary Clairvoyance”  LP / CD (20 Buck Spin)

Too Many Voices – “Catch Me If You Can” LP

Tørsö – “Sono Pronta A Morire” LP

Total Control – “Henge Beat” LP (Iron Lung)

Total Control – “Typical System” LP (Iron Lung)

Totalitär – “Sin Egen Motstandare” LP

Touche Amore – “Is Survived By” LP

Touche Amore – “Parting The Sea…” LP / CD (Deathwish)

Touche Amore – “…To The Beat Of A Dead Horse” LP / CD (6131 Records)

Tozcos – “Suenos Deceptivos” LP

Tozcos – “Existencia Aturida” 7″

Tragedy – self-titled LP

Tragedy – “Fury” 12″ (green sleeve/vinyl)

Trail Of Lies – “W.A.R” LP  

Trapped Under Ice – “Big Kiss Goodnight” LP  currently unavailable

Trapped Under Ice – “Secrets Of The World” LP  currently unavaialble

Trapped Under Ice – “Stay Cold” 7″  currently unavailable

Trial – “Foundation” 7″ (New Age)

Trial – “The Early Years” double LP (Refuse)

Turbonegro – “Apocalypse Dudes” LP

Turbonegro – “Ass Cobra” LP 

Turnstile – “Nonstop Feeling” LP

Turnstile – “Time & Space” LP

Turnstile – “Pressure To Succeed” 7″  currently unavailable

U-Nix – “I Give You” 7″

Unbroken – “And b/w Fall On Proverb” 7″

Uniform Choice – “Screaming For Change” LP

Uniform Choice – self-titled LP

United Mutation – “Dark Self Image” LP

Unreal City – “Cruelty Of Heaven” LP

Up Front – “Spirit” LP

Urban Waste – self-titled LP

Varukers – “Protest And Survive” 7″ (Havoc)

Varukers – “Another Religion Another War” LP (Havoc)

Vein – “Errorzone” LP  Currently unavailable

Verbal Abuse – “Just An American Band” LP

Victims – “The Horse And Sparrow Theory” LP (Relapse)

Vile Spirit – “Scorched Earth” LP

Violent Reaction – “City Streets” LP

Violent Reaction – “Marching On” LP  

War On Women – “Capture The Flag” LP

War On Women – s/t LP / CD (Bridge 9)

Warm Bodies – self-titled LP

Warxgames – “Violent & Depressed” 7″

Warzone – “Don’t Forget The Struggle Don’t Forget The Streets ” LP 

Watter – self-titled LP

Watter – “History Of The Future” LP

Weekend Nachos – “Worthless” LP (Deep Six)

Weekend Nachos – “Still” LP (Deep Six)

Weekend Nachos – “Apology” LP (Deep Six)

Weekend Nachos – “Punish And Destroy” LP (Deep Six)

White Lung – “It’s The Evil” LP (Deranged)

White Lung – “Sorry” LP (Deranged)

Wild Side – “Who The Hell Is Wild Side?” LP  Currently unavailable

The Wipers – “Land Of The Lost” (Jackpot) expensive repress

Wipers – “Is This Real?” LP

Wipers – “Over The Edge” LP

Witchtrial – “Demo 2017” LP  Temporarily unavailable

Witchrial – self-titled LP

Wolfbrigade – “The Enemy: Reality” LP

Wolfbrigade – “Comalive” LP

Wolfbrigade – “A D-Beat Odyssey” LP (Havoc)

Wound Man – “Prehistory” 7″

Wristmeetrazor – “Demo” flexi 7″

X – “Los Angeles” LP

Xibalba – “Diablo, Con Amor.. Adios.” 7″

YDI – “A Place In The Sun” 7”

Youth Brigade – “Complete First Demo” 7″

Youth Brigade – “Sound & Fury” LP (BYO)

Youth Brigade – “To Sell The Truth” LP (BYO)

Youth Of Today – “Break Down The Walls” LP

Youth Of Todayself titled  7″

Zero Boys – “Vicious Circle” LP

Zero Boys – “History Of” LP

Zounds – “Curse Of The Zounds” LP

Zounds – “Can’t Cheat Karma” LP

Zyanose – “Chaos Bender” LP

Zyanose – “Total End Of Existence” LP

Various – “Four Old Seven Inches On A Twelve Inch” Dischord LP

Various – “Nardcore compilation” LP Currently unavailable

Various – “Someone Got Their Head Kicked In!” Compilation LP

Various – “xXx Presents: Still Having Their Say” LP (Bridge Nine)