GRAY MATTER – “Food For Thought” LP


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Black vinyl, includes download. 2023

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Gray Matter – “Food For Thought” LP

One of the best bands of DC’s infamous Revolution Summer. The Take it Back EP of 1986 was their pinnacle achievement, but tucked away before that seminal Dischord release was a full-length album from the year before, released by an obscure DC label called R&B Records (it was later re-released by Dischord in 1990). Food For Thought is like the fresh-faced early 60’s pop recording to Take It Back’s late 60’s world-weary psychedelic implosion. A strong melodic streak runs through all their records, born perhaps as a reaction to the thuggish following of Iron Cross (two members of Gray Matter previously played in that band), but it’s especially apparent on this, their debut album: a clever grafting of hardcore speed with ear-pleasing pop harmonies, bashed-out with youthful exuberance. A break-up followed a year later, with members going on to play in Three and Ignition.

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