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 Black vinyl. 2004

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Capricorns – self-titled 12″

Key players in the UK’s mathy-doom-post-metal scene from back in the myspace years. Perhaps overlooked at the time, for they had two set backs: one, maybe Rise Above wasn’t the right record label for them (no sword wielding naked ladies on their front covers); and two, instrumental bands often struggle to gain attention compared to the voice-lead bands. Which is why I’m glad this 12″ EP from 2004 is still available – one side features two tracks of their typical dark, sludgey, heavyweight jams; while the other side is longer song with the addition of some roaring vocals. And it really elevates things. The outcome is very similar to early Baroness (with whom they toured together, and I think the influence went both ways), Keelhaul (also overlooked by the passage of time) and Kylesa. It’s also worth mentioning that members of Capricorns were long-serving members of the UK’s underground scene, with ties to all sorts of bands: Fabric, Orange Goblin, Iron Monkey, 11 Paranoias, Dukes Of Nothing etc.

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