ANTISECT- “The Rising Of The Lights” LP


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 Gatefold sleeve, includes booklet, 750 copies. 2017

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Antisect – “The Rising Of The Lights” LP

The notorious metal-punk road warriors of the anarcho-wars returned with their third full-length 30-plus years since In Darkness, There Is No Choice. Amazingly, it doesnt suck. Most punk bands that do the middle-aged-blokes-reunited leave you desperately wishing that they had remained as heroic corpses, burried beneath the bardedwire in the trenches of the 1980s. But Antisect were an obvious exception to the rule. Afterall, these are the legends that released one of the finest 7″s in the entire history of underground rock. Not surpisingly, this recording is similar to Tau Cross, but minus the pseudo-spiritual clap-trap. And alot beefier, too – more along the lines of Mastodon in terms of heaviness and muscular clout. All helped immensely by the well-honed studio skills of Pete Lyons; and also by the inclusion of some old songs – albeit reinvented and revised – from the tragically lost/unfinished album of the late 80’s that was provisionally entitled Welcome to the New Dark Ages.
Includes a large booklet full of rambling text (boy, they needed a decent typesetter) – the music and the lyrics (that are printed within the gatefold sleeve) are all you really need. A strong, solid, hard-rockin’ album, worth it alone for the epic track “Welcome to the New Dark Ages” that you probably already know from the various live recordings from the late 80s.

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