FARAQUET – “View from this Tower” LP


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Black vinyl. 2023

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Faraquet – “View from this Tower” LP

Born as side project to Smart Went Crazy, later becoming a band in their own right by the late 1990s – a time when Dischord Records was perhaps less at the forefront of people’s minds, and as a result Faraquet were slightly overlooked, only picking-up their cult following several my-space years later, in much the same way that people were after-the-event in realising how great and ahead of their time American Football were (that same soulful, jazzy math-rock with off kilter time changes and snaking guitar loops). Recorded with J. Robbins at Inner Ear Studio and released in 2000, The View from This Tower was their one and only full-length released during their existence, and before they called it quits in 2001.

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